Jet set has conceived a new way of dressing: top performing attire for the sports world linked to a distinguished and elitist image, a unique collection
that for the first time offers
the extreme comfort of sport conjugated with the luxury
of haute fashion.
The use of new materials
and of advanced technologies has a two-prong objective:
to create high-tech and top performing sportswear matched with a strong fashion style.


Amidst the avant-garde techniques are laser cuts
and the use of stretch fibers such as Lycra and Elastan,
wide and waterproof zips plus
the maximum breathability - high technical performance
and an unmatched aesthetic
for a unique elegance.


The Jet set collections are structured for three different moments.
The High Mountain Ski Wear, extremely technical
for alpine skiing.
The Cross Country Ski Wear specifically thought for cross country skiing but also very versatile for multiple occasions.
The Cross Over Wear,
which fuses a sporty feel with
a casual urban style for both
the city and the mountains.


An explosion of color, prints
and applications that trace
the Jet Set style.
The technical materials are studied for an optimal visual and tactile experience
and are partnered with prized fabrics such as cashmere on
the inside, making each garment luxurious and unique.



In the ski world Jet Set accompanies a string of successful sportspeople including Lindsey Vonn.